The John Brothers Piano Company (2010-2015)

The John Brothers Piano Company 5  (2013)

The John Brothers Piano Company 5 (2013)

"Taking turns, the 23-year-old Cal grads bend and sweat over the keys, hair flying and mouths agape, banging out original ragtime, jazz and burlesque tunes until their hands blur and the veins pop from their temples. Having painted the exposed hammers of their Wurlitzer spinet piano with lacquer to make their sound even louder, they fill the air with a throwback sound that evokes the honky-tonk ghosts of Barbary Coast." Meredith May, SF Chronicle 2011


L-R: Arlo Perlstein, John Thatcher Boomer III, John Steven Morgan, Jimi Marks, Greg Ashley


Greg Ashley Band (2012 - 2015)

Another Generation of Slaves

L-R: Greg Ashley, John Steven Morgan, John Thatcher Boomer III